Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Teaching Tips

Volume 31

Teaching Tip: Active Learning Using Debates in an IT Strategy Course
David M. Woods, Miami University Regionals

Teaching Tip: BPIsim: A Hands-On Simulation to Teach Cash-to-Cash Manufacturing Operating Cycle Processes in a Purchasing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Context
Vincent G. Whitelock, Central Michigan University

Teaching Tip: Applying Team-Based Learning in Online Introductory Information Systems Courses
Samuel H. Goh, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Paul M. Di Gangi, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ken Gunnells, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Volume 30

Teaching Tip: A Notation for Planning SQL Queries
Toni Taipalus

Teaching Tip: Implementing Scrum Wholesale in the Classroom
Corey Baham

Teaching Tip: “The Data Shuffle”: Using Playing Cards to Illustrate Data Management Concepts to a Broad Audience
David Agogo and Jesse Anderson

Teaching Tip: Pedagogy for Business Analytics Courses
Anand Jeyaraj

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of Database-Centric Online Analytical Process for MBA Business Analytics Programs
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: Learning by Teaching through Collaborative Tutorial Creation: Experience using GitHub and AsciiDoc
Jim Marquardson and Ryan M. Schuetzler

Volume 29

Teaching Tip: Gaining Real-World Experience in Information Security: A Roadmap for a Service-Learning Course
Janine L. Spears

Teaching Tip: Adding Intercultural Communication to an IS Curriculum
Alanah Mitchell and Rob Benyon

Volume 27

Teaching Tip: An Introduction to the Business Game "Flowers for the World"
Trevor Moores

Teaching Tip: Play Ball: Bringing Scrum into the Classroom
Jeffrey May, Jim York, and Diane Lending

Volume 26

Teaching Tip: Using a Group Role-Play Exercise to Engage Students in Learning Business Processes and ERP
Yide Shen, Jennifer Nicholson, and Darren Nicholson

Teaching Tip: Managing Software Engineering Student Teams Using Pellerin's 4-D System
Marguerite Doman, Andrew Besmer, and Anne Olsen

Teaching Tip: Active Learning via a Sample Database: The Case of Microsoft's Adventure Works
Michel Mitri

Teaching Tip: Making Data Flow Diagrams Accessible for Visually Impaired Students Using Excel Tables
Vicki L. Sauter

Volume 25

Teaching Tip: Enhancing Student Engagement: A Group Case Study Approach
Aakash Taneja

Teaching Tip: Cultivating and Nurturing Undergraduate IS Research
Stefan Tams

Teaching Tip: The Flipped Classroom
Heng Ngee Mok

Volume 24

Teaching Tip: Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments
Anil Singh

Teaching Tip: A Memory Game to Demonstrate the Power of Collaborative Efforts to Improve Team Performance
Mari W. Buche

Teaching Tip: Utilizing Classrrom Simulation to Convey Key Concepts in IT Portfolio Management
Eric C. Larson

Teaching Tip: Using Activity Diagrams to Model Systems Analysis Techniques: Teaching what we Preach
Diane Lending and Jeffrey May

Volume 23

Teaching Tip: Using Rapid Game Prototyping for Exploring Requirements Discovery and Modeling
Nikunj Dalal

Teaching Tip: Simulated Audits to Engage Students in IT Governance and Assurance Courses
Jeffrey W. Merhout, Sarah L. Newport, and Patrick E. Damo

Volume 22

Teaching Tip: An Investigation of Digital Literacy Needs of Students
Klara Nelson, Marcy Courier, and Gilbert W. Joseph

Teaching Tip: GlobePort Faces Global Business Challenges: Assessing the Organizational Side of Information Systems Projects
Biswadip Ghosh

Teaching Tip: LAN Configuration and Analysis: Projects for the Data Communications and Networking Course
Fang Chen and Mary Brabston

Volume 21

Teaching Tip: Consuming Web Services: A Yahoo! Newsfeed Reader
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: Using Virtual Servers to Teach the Implementation of Enterprise-Level DBMSs: A Teaching Note
William P. Wagner and Vik Pant

Teaching Tip: An Introduction to Collaboration with SharePoint for First-Year Business Students
Laura Atkins and Carey Cole

Teaching Tip: Using Cascading Style Sheets to Design a Fly-Out Menu with Microsoft Visual Studio
Chang Liu and Charles Downing

Teaching Tip: Accelerating Student Learning of Technology Terms: The Crossword Puzzle Exercise
Thomas G. Whisenand and Steven M. Dunphy

Teaching Tip: Using a Wiki to Collaborate on a Study Guide
Diane Lending

Volume 20

Teaching Tip: CFC (Comment-First-Coding) - A Simple yet Effective Method for Teaching Programming to Information Systems Students
Arijit Sengupta

Teaching Tip: An Inexpensive Device for Teaching Public Key Encryption
Norman Pendegraft

Teaching Tip: An Approach to Reducing Cognitive Load in the Teaching of Introductory Database Concepts
John M. Bunch

Teaching Tip: Tweeting the Night Away: Using Twitter to Enhance Social Presence
Joanna C. Dunlap and Patrick R. Lowenthal

Teaching Tip: Microsoft or Google Web 2.0 Tools for Course Management
Thomas Rienzo and Bernard Han

Teaching Tip: Usability - A Teaching and School Service Project
Johnny Snyder

Teaching Tip: Using Word Scrambles as an Information Systems Creativity Warm-Up Exercise
Steven M. Dunphy and Constance C. Milbourne

Volume 19

Teaching Tip: Clarifying Normalization
Donald A. Carpenter

Teaching Tip: Tools and Techniques for Simplifying the Analysis of Captured Packet Data
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: An On Demand Text-to-Speech Agent
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Learning Experience with Virtual Worlds
Christian Wagner

Teaching Tip: "One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All": Teaching MBA Students Different ERP Implementation Strategies
Viswaneth Venkatesh

Teaching Tip: A Design Thinking Approach to Teaching Knowledge Management
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: First Impressions: An Alternative Way to Start a Systems Development Course
Jack W. Fellers

Volume 18

Teaching Tip: Teaching Advanced SQL Skills: Text Bulk Loading
David Olsen and Karina Hauser

Teaching Tip: Specification and Enforcement of Semantic Integrity Constraints in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: Using the Same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments
Michael Newby and ThuyUyen Nguyen

Teaching Tip: A Web Browsing Tool for a Shared Computer Environment
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Using Collaboration to Provide Students with an Internship Experience in an Information Systems Course
Patricia Wallace

Teaching Tip: Web Survey Design in ASP.Net 2.0: A Simple Task with One Line of Code
Chang Liu

Teaching Tip: Recursive Joins to Query Data Hierarchies in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Volume 17

Teaching Tip: Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum
David C. Wallace and James R. Wolf

Teaching Tip: Object-Oriented Programming Principles and the Java Class Library
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Interlaying Modeling and Writing Activities in Systems Analysis and Design
James J. Pomykalski

Teaching Tip: Implementing Virtual Pair Programming in E-Learning Environment
Abdullah M. Zin, Sufian Idris, and Nantha K. Subramaniam

Teaching Tip: Building Camaraderie Through Information Processing: The Wuzzle Picture-Puzzle Exercise
Steven M. Dunphy and Thomas G. Whisenand

Teaching Tip: Teaching Security Techniques in an E-Commerce Course
Chang Liu and Brian G. Mackie

Volume 16

Teaching Tip: An Active X SQL Resource
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Peer Review to Support Student Assessment in Teams
Sigi Goode and Seng-Thiam Teh

Teaching Tip: Data Validation Matrix for Programming Courses
John F. Schrage

Teaching Tip: Using Selected Options for the Ipconfig Command to Teach Network Troubleshooting Techniques
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Hands-On Testing Visual Basic Courses
Qi Yang and Joe Clifton

Teaching Tip: Improving Students' Interest in Learning: Some Positive Techniques
Leslie Leong

Teaching Tip: A Project Module of E-Commerce Planning
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: It's All Fun and Games... Until Students Learn
Anne P. Massey, Susan A. Brown, and Jeanne D. Johnston

Volume 15

Teaching Tip: Strategy for Assessment of Online Course Discussions
Sunil Hazari

Teaching Tip: Encouraging Online Participation
Wing Lam

Teaching Tip: Twelve Tips for Successfully Integratin Enterprise Systems Across the Curriculum
Jane Fedorowicz, Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., Catherine Usoff, and George Hachey

Teaching Tip: Telecommunications and Data Networking Course: Balancing Theory and Practice
Pramod Pandya

Teaching Tip: A Technical Module for the E-Commerce Course
John Chopoorian and Shouhong Wang

Teaching Tip: Adding Realism to the Formation, Management and Evaluation of Project Teams
Donna McCloskey

Teaching Tip: Teaching Information Systems Management via Action Memos
Christian Wagner

Volume 14

Teaching Tip: Systematic Personal Training by Letting Students Teach each Other
Harald Kjellin and Terese Stenfors

Teaching Tip: A Simpler Approach to Set Comparison Queries in SQL
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: The Introductory MIS Course: Using TQM to Tame the Widow-Maker
Judy D. Holmes

Teaching Tip: How to Reduce Plagiarism
Apiwan D. Born

Teaching Tip: Simulation and Role Playing with LEGO Blocks
Lee A. Freeman

Teaching Tip: Forming an Effective Information Systems Advisory Board
Kai S. Koong

Teaching Tip: Put Another (B)Log on the Wire: Publishing Learning Logs as Weblogs
Christian Wagner

Teaching Tip: The Learning Log
J. Howard Baker

Teaching Tip: Utilizing Simple Hacking Techniques to Teach System Security and Hacker Identification
Aaron D. Sanders

Volume 13

Teaching Tip: Simplifying Batch Outputting in COBOL
Barbara Russel

Teaching Tip: A Simple and Effective Method for Teaching Information Systems Vocabulary and Concepts in a Large Lecture Setting
Charles E. Downing

Teaching Tip: A Simpler (and Better) Approach to Relational Division
Victor Matos and Rebecca Grasser

Teaching Tip: Form Responders: Enhancing Student Learning in Beginning and Advanced Web Development Classes
William Lomerson

Teaching Tip: End Users and Developers in Systems Analysis and Design
Bassam Hasan

Volume 12

Teaching Tip: Using the OSI Model to Teach Problem Solving
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Recommendations for Developing an Online Course
Lissa F. Pollacia

Teaching Tip: The Individual Topic Expert
Denise R. McGinnis

Teaching Tip: Using Concept Maps to Assess Students' Understanding of Information Systems
Lee Freeman and Andrew Urbaczewski

Volume 11

Teaching Tip: Resources for Teaching Ethics and Computing
Kevin W. Bowyer

Teaching Tip: Bringing Real World Experience to the Classroom
Charles R. Woratschek

Volume 10

Teaching Tip: Visual Basic Jump Start
Marty McClelland

Teaching Tip: Using Humor in the Classroom
Kevin L. Elder

Tips for Writing a Teaching Tip

More information about writing a teaching tip and the variety of possible topics and approaches can be found here.

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